The Premier Workshop for Integrated Program Management

January 19 – 21 & 25 – 27, 2021

Reserve your spot today for CPM’s Integrated Program Management Workshop (IPMW), a virtual program featuring world-class training and professional development, and a deep dive into hot topics with practitioners and world leaders in performance management. Earn valuable professional development units (PDUs) and gain practical tools, tips, and techniques to help you be more efficient and successful with your project delivery. The best part is that you can participate from your computer! This workshop is being presented in short sessions over six days to accommodate busy schedules.

Special Thank You to our Keynote Speakers
Tony Beasley – “Performance Measurement Biases in High-Tech Research & Development” 17 Nov 2020
David Cadman – “Insight into DOD’s New Acquisition Framework” 18 Nov 2020

Congratulations to our Award Recipients!
Driessnack Distinguished Service Award 2020 – Joe Kusick
Driessnack Distinguished Service Award 2019 – Gary Troop

Training (PEP)

State of IPM

Community of Practice

Agenda and Pricing

Exhibitors / Sponsors


Training (PEP)

CPM’s Professional Education Program (PEP) provides a  solid foundation in the principles and data analysis techniques of earned value management (EVM) in nine, one-hour sessions. You will gain a deeper understanding of the key concepts and processes of Integrated Program Management (IPM) and how to apply them. Each PEP course provides 7.5 hours of professional development units (PDUs).

Each course, taught by an experienced industry leader, provides significant insights into one of five disciplines:

  • Project Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Earned Value Management
  • Earned Value Metrics & Analysis
  • Technical Management

The PEP courses offered at IPMW will set participants well on their path toward curriculum completion at future CPM events.

State of IPM

The State of IPM (SoIPM) Sessions offered at IPMW will help facilitate industry connections and keep your team on the leading edge. State of IPM workshops provide the latest industry standards and guidance, including NDIA Integrated Program Management and Earned Value Management System Scalability. Example topics include: 

  • The latest reporting requirements, including insight into the new IPMDAR
  • The newest DiD requirements
  • What’s being discussed in a clearing house of IPM topics
    • how stakeholders  are answering these questions
    • and what other teams are implementing with similar questions
  • The latest updates to industry guides and best  practices. 

These are just several examples of relevant and topical discussions covered in the State of IPM Track. IPMW Virtual includes several series focusing on the State of IPM:

IPMD Series

In this series, the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Integrated Program Management Division (IPMD) brings together government and industry leaders to explore and explain the current critical factors affecting large acquisition programs’ integrated program management:

  • Trends in the Office of the Secretary of Defense acquisition system
  • Impacts of the draft National Defense Authorization Act of 2021
  • Developments in DCMA metrics
  • NASA/GAO high-risk initiatives.   

EVM Scalability Series

CPM is collaborating with the NDIA IPMD to present practical solutions for the use of EVM in projects that do not have a customer-driven contractual compliance requirement. This series provides real-life, practical ways to make EVM work for any organization or project:

  • NDIA Scalability Guide
  • Scaling and tailoring practices
  • Management best practices based upon project size and risk. 

In a special presentation by the National Science Foundation, presenters will share existing methods applied in the oversight and reporting of science projects.

Community of Practice

As practitioners, we are all extremely busy helping our projects deliver on time and within budget. It is a challenge to distill all of the latest information so that it is consumable and adds value to you and your organization  At IPMW Virtual, we organized and offer these topics in condensed Community of Practice (CoP) sessions. CoP workshops offer practical insights into implementing sound project management, including topics like:

  • Program Management and Risk Trends
  • Agile EVM Integration
  • GAO Agile Guide
  • Agile Framework Overview
  • NDIA IPMD Agile Guide
  • Agile Panel Discussion

This year, IPMW Virtual is featuring the Agile & EVM Series! How can programs best apply Agile philosophies while maintaining the situational awareness afforded by Earned Value Management (EVM)?  This IPMW Agile and EVM Community of Practice Series will attempt to answer that question. Agile strategies encourage changes to requirements, design details, or functional capabilities based on customer value at any stage of the development cycle. EVM supports measuring technical progress against a baselined plan, independent of the consumption of resources. Agile and EVM are complementary when adequately implemented together.  The Agile & EVM Series addresses the challenges and opportunities to make that happen. Join your colleagues and participate in a community of practice – bring the world of IPM to you.


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State of IPM Series

Community of Practice Series

PEP Training


A key advantage of participating in IPMW this year is the online nature of the event. You can participate from the comfort and safety of your home or office while still having the ability to connect and network with the community. In addition, our virtual  platform gives you the option to participate in between work commitments. For premium attendees, all content is available live, during the event, and as a recorded series. Lastly, as a major financial advantage, overall cost is significantly lower than traditional face-to-face events since there are no travel expenses. So, more of your team members can participate in IPMW’s collaborative learning experience. See pricing options below:

  • Premium (Best Value – All access):  $445 ($395 member price)
  • PEP Training:    $195 ($145 member price)
  • Workshops(SoIPM & CoP): $295 ($245 member price) 
  • Individual Sessions: $30 each
  • Speaker Attendees: $145

Groups welcome! To make it easier for your budget, we offer organization group discounts. Please reach out to for additional detail.

Exhibitors / Sponsors

The College of Performance Management (CPM) is hosting the 1st virtual International Integrated Program Management Workshop, Tuesday 19 January 2021.

CPM invites your firm to participate as an exhibitor and/or sponsor at this workshop. The IPM Workshop provides you a great opportunity to present your products and services to managers in government and industry – the people most influential in selecting project management and performance measurement software, hardware, technical services and support for their organizations.

Download the 2020 Exhibitor/Sponsor Prospectus.

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Join us to share your project performance management knowledge and experiences at this premiere workshop and training seminar!

IPMW Virtual Kick-off: Keynote Speakers


“Performance Measurement Biases in High-Tech Research & Development”

Anthony J. Beasley is the director of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. He is widely known and highly respected in the radio astronomy community and at the National Science Foundation (NSF) for his professional experience and accomplishments. He has played key roles in the implementation of some the world’s most advanced and successful radio astronomy facilities. After receiving his Doctorate in Astrophysics from the University of Sydney, Beasley joined NRAO as a Postdoctoral Fellow in 1991.


“Insight into DOD’s New Acquisition Framework”

David S. Cadman is the director of Acquisition Analytics and Policy (AAP) at the Office of the Secretary of Defense. He is responsible for the development and implementation of acquisition portfolio-based analytical methods focused on data analytics, including data mining, simulation, machine and statistical learning, probability theory, mathematical optimization, and visualization of results. AAP establishes program management policy that applies these methods as appropriate to acquisition portfolios, major defense acquisition programs and business systems and functions.

General Speaker Expectations:

CPM expects speakers to adhere to the timing as listed in the event agenda, to provide a quality session, and to be respectful of all participants and their views. CPM prohibits selling, promoting, or endorsing any products and/or services within your presentation. You may mention products or services, but further promotion is prohibited. Attendees are traditionally vocal in their displeasure with sessions that appear to be sales presentations or promotions. Any speaker who chooses to make a pitch during their presentation will not be selected to speak at any future IPM related events. One or two slides discussing your background, the organization you work for, and what your position entails is sufficient to set the context for your presentation.