Recognition and Awards

Driessnack Distinguished Service Award

  • Criteria:  Awarded to individuals who have made major contributions to project performance management policy, concepts, and practices, which have national and international implications.  This recognition is awarded to individuals who have provided critical contributions to the evolution of Earned Value Management and project planning and control standards, research, and education, and have promoted the exchange of theory, development, and application among project management professionals.
  • The award winner is selected by the CPM Board of Directors.
  • This award is typically awarded at the  Integrated Project Management Conference during October or November.

1992 – Robert R. Kemps
1994 – Gary Christle
1995 – Quentin Fleming
1996 – Wayne Abba
1996 – Larry Stone
1997 – Gary Humphreys
2003 – Robert Pattie
2004 – David Christensen
2006 – David Muzio
2009 – Tony Finefield
2013 – Neil Albert
2014 – Walter Lipke
2016 – Harry Sparrow


PRIDE Award (Personal Responsibility, Integrity, Dedication, and Excellence)

  • Criteria:  Awarded to an outgoing Executive Committee Officer of the Governing Board who has provided significant contributions and service to the CPM community. The nomination package must address personal responsibility, integrity, dedication and excellence.
  • The winner of this award is selected by the CPM Board of Directors.
  • Nominees must be CPM members.

1998 – Mary Clark
2001 – Will Gran
2003 – Marilyn McCauley
2010 – Eleanor Haupt
2017 – Susan Wood
President’s Award

  • Criteria:  Awarded to an individual by the CPM President to recognize special contributions by any member of CPM.     Nominees cannot be a member of the CPM Board.
  • This award is typically presented at the spring EVM World Conference.
  • Nominees must be CPM  members.

Tony Finefield for his contributions to EVMIG given at Newport Beach
2010 – Efrain Pacheco
2012 – Bob Reuter
2014 – Eleanor Haupt
2016 – Bob Loop
2017 – Dale Gillam
Gary Christle Leadership Excellence Award

  • Criteria:  The nominee will be a leader in his or her community and will have promoted an environment of cooperation whether it is between customer and supplier or within the government or a company.  This is not a one-time effort but ongoing examples of leadership by the nominee.

The nominee must have made significant contributions to the development and/or understanding of earned value management that historically has and will continue to distinguish their work.   The contribution should be a definable body of work as demonstrated through one or more of the following:  speaking, teaching/training, research, publications, professional practice, etc

  • Selection is made by the CPM Board of Directors.
  • Winner is typically announced at the CPM Integrated Project Management Conference held in the Oct/Nov time frame.
  • Nominee does not have to be an CPM member.

2009 – Dr. Robert B. “Bob” Rovinsky
2018 – Ms. Karen Richey – Award Press Release


Gaile Argiro Volunteer Award

  • Criteria: The nominee will be an outstanding volunteer who has provided service to the College of Performance Management over an extended period of time. This award is not for a one-time effort but for ongoing example of service over time by the nominee.

The nominee must have demonstrated exceptional commitment to volunteerism by helping support the needs of the CPM in a recognized Volunteer Position. The nominee should have demonstrated exemplary leadership, creativity, teamwork, and hard work in their service to CPM. The nominee should serve as a model and inspiration to other volunteers.

The nominee must have demonstrated the ability to work in a collaborative manner with other team members, CPM members, CPM board members, the CPM staff and others.

Potential areas for volunteer contributions include, but are not limited to:
• Conferences, webinars, and educational programs of CPM
• Research program
• Certification program
• Global collaboration in project performance management practice, education, and research


  • Andrea Nibert
  • Marty Saia
  • Barbara Phillips
  • Bob Wasser

• Selection is made by the CPM Governing Board
• Nominations will close on 31st March each year.
• Winner is typically announced at the spring EVM World Conference.