Research and Standards

The College of Performance Management (CPM) is the world’s leading source of integrated performance management information. This Research and Standards webpage provides to our members useful information and activities associated with the advancement of this field of practice.

The History of EVM

August 2019

  • EIA 748e. The National Defense Industries Association (NDIA) Integrated Program Management Division (IPMD) is currently updating the EVM 32 Guidelines.
  • ISO Earned Value Management Implementation Guide. The International Standards Organization (ISO) has formed working group (WG12) which is currently drafting an implementation guide for users of its recently-adopted EVM standard (ISO 21508).
    • ISO 21508:2018 provides guidance for practices of earned value management in project and program management. It is applicable to any type of organization including public or private and any size or sector, as well as any type of project or program in terms of complexity, size or duration.
    • ISO 21508:2018 provides the following:
      • a) terms and definitions;
      • b) descriptions of the purpose and benefits of earned value management;
      • c) the integration and relationship with project or program management;
      • d) an overview of the processes and process descriptions;
      • e) basic requirements for an earned value management system;
      • f) use of an earned value management system.
      • ISO 21508:2018 does not provide guidance on the use of specific processes, methods or tools in the practice of earned value management.
      • Annexes A, B and C describe cost, schedule and performance analysis, commonly used formulae with associated interpretations, and the integration of earned value with other project or program management processes.