Humphreys & Associates Webinar

Thursday, January 9, 2020
Have you heard people say, “We tried Agile on our program, and it didn’t work”? Often this is a direct result of cherry-picking pieces of Agile and Scrum that easily align with the current structure and processes of an organization. Partial implementation of an Agile framework will result in a state of ‘Fake Agile’ and the benefits of true agility will not be achieved. Find out how we helped an organization navigate an Agile Transformation and overcome a lapse into ‘Fake Agile’.

Take away proven best practices and techniques from our journey and learn about the steps we took to counteract existing organizational structure and eliminate wasteful processes.

This webinar introduces attendees to techniques for product road-mapping, backlog refinement, vertical slicing, developing cross-functional teams, and incrementally releasing working product.